You know the kitchen is Narrow, Greasy, Slippery and Wet!!
Hey! You should find some New Shoes !! First, check out our Video!! That is really the SAMURAI Sole!!

These are going to be your best partner in the kitchen !!

Hyper V Kitchen shoes

These are some of the best shoes for you while working in the kitchen !!

I can not even explain it to you, please watch the video or even better yet, just try them !!


黒 20g 26cm


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Check the video now!!

Hyper V Sole Three Major Points

Hyper V Sole that has 2.5 times more grip than the past, has a highly nonslip performance (acknowledged by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health for their technical guide for nonslip performance and clearing from the highest division of 5). This ability is especially efficient on slippery surface such as water, oil and soapsuds.

Division 1 2 3 4 5

Coefficient of Dynamic Friction; over 0.05, less than 0.10 over 0.10, less than 0.15 over 0.15, less than 0.20 over 0.20, less than 0.30 over 0.30.

With outer bottom that is hard to wear down, and extravagantly strong soles, it is resolutely more long-lasting comparing to what we had in the past. Smoothly switch from static friction to kinetic friction, they allow one to hold a better grip.

From the graph on the right, one may observe our conventional products of the soles, and the friction switch from “static” to “kinetic” will cause a sharp change, which is also known as the danger of slip and fall; in comparison, Hyper V Sole’s coefficient of friction curve is very stable and steady, leading to a smoother change from now on, as well as decreasing the hazard of falling accidents.


Hyper V Sole

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